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CHRONODE SA: Presentation

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Le Locle, Grande-Rue 18

Le Locle, located in Switzerland’s upper Jura region, is a key hub of mechanical and microtechnical skills. Horology has been practised there for three centuries, giving life and breath to the town and shaping its very structure. Hundreds of watches have been produced in private homes, and thousands in the large factories proudly bearing the names of prestigious brands. Together with the neighbouring town of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Le Locle has produced half of the watches on the world market. The town has also witnessed a number of outstanding inventions, and its marine chronometers have travelled the world and its seven seas. Le Locle has also had its “horological dignitaries”, the elite timers who have regularly taken part in the greatest timing competitions and received countless awards.



In the very centre of Le Locle, together with Crêt-Vaillant street, the Grande-Rue forms the historical main road through town, and number 18 represents a crossroads of imagination, daring and rigorous discipline : Chronode ! No. 18 looks nothing like a factory, nor indeed a workshop. It’s just a house of the kind that lends distinctive character to the old town. For anyone with an interest in watchmaking, this particular residence built in  1772 is particularly noteworthy, since its first owner was Isaac JeanRichard, son of the legendary watch industry pioneer Daniel JeanRichard. The Chronode engineers and workshops work on three floors, within the intimate and light, airy setting of three flats that have been renovate in harmony with tradition. At the heart of the house lies a richly wood-panelled and exceptional lounge that has become a reception and meeting room.

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