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On April 1st 2005, Jean-François Mojon set up his own company, Chronode, focusing on creative watchmaking that is both highly technical and extremely meaningful. Right from its founding, Chronode devoted itself to research, development and the construction of mechanical movements, modules and highly complex mechanisms. Its core expertise is engineering, ranging from conception through to industrialisation encompassed within a fully integrated vision. Chronode handles and controls the entire development and production process, including logistics, quality control, pre-assembly, complete assembly, casing up… Component machining, surface treatment and decoration are entrusted to reliable subcontractors. Sets of parts packaged as kits are delivered to brands that request this service. 

In March 2012, Chronode SA acquired a majority stake in Compagnie Horlogère Locloise SA (CHL) and DMP SA, two firms with which Chronode has been cooperation or several years. CHL currently has a 35-strong personnel and is a well-recognised exponent of watchmaking decoration, movement assembly and casing-up. DMP SA, which employs 15 people, has been active since 2008 in the fields of profile-turning, cutting, burnishing and the delivery of complete sets of wheels and pinions. This new situation further reinforces Chronode’s position an independent watchmaking “motorist” (an industry term for a movement supplier).

In the autumn of 2012, Chronode SA, CHL SA and DMP SA are regrouping their activities and their skills under one roof at Rue de France 55 in Le Locle.

Chronode is nonetheless maintaining its initial premises at no. 18 on the Grande Rue, in order to host clients wishing to enjoy a stay in Le Locle. No. 18 is indeed far more than just an ordinary house, since its first owner was Isaac JeanRichard, son of the legendary watch industry pioneer, Daniel JeanRichard. Le Locle, a town located in the Switzerland’s upper Jura region, is a key hub of mechanical and microtechnical skills. Horology has been practised there for three centuries, giving life and breath to the town and shaping its very structure. Hundreds of watches have been produced in private homes, and thousands in the large factories proudly bearing the names of prestigious brands. Together with the neighbouring town of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Le Locle has produced up to half of the watches on the world market. The town has also witnessed a number of outstanding inventions, and its marine chronometers have travelled the world and its seven seas. Le Locle has also had its “horological dignitaries”, the elite timers who have regularly taken part in the greatest timing competitions and received countless awards.

The activities of Chronode SA, CHL SA and DMP SA are entirely in line with this tradition that they are perpetuating with considerable talent.

grand prix d'horlogerie de genève

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